Dates: 15-16 October 2019

The Workshop Approaches to Discourse-Relational Devices (DRDs): Textual Connectors, Discourse Markers, Modal Particles focuses on the methods of analysis and annotation used in the study of these important discourse-structuring items, drawing on the data and results gathered from corpus-based analyses, applied studies, diachronic, synchronic and sociolinguistic approaches, and from studies dealing with the variation of these items across registers/ languages/ language varieties. We start from the common assumption that these pragmatic classes are demarcated by fuzzy boundaries and terminological distinctions. However, research in this field has also produced some convergent methods of analysis. Individual and collective studies, in various languages, may help provide an overall view of the way in which this field has developed and of its importance from a psycholinguistic perspective.

Invited speakers

Liesbeth Degand

Université Catholique de Louvain, Institute for Language and Communication, Belgium

Manfred Stede

University of Potsdam, Discourse Research Lab, Germany

Location: University of Bucharest, Casa Universitarilor (46 Dionisie Lupu str. – see map here)